Smart Dispensary

Smart Dispensary Platform

GreenSTOP’s MISM (Multi-Interface Smart Machine) can simultaneously serve four customers on one single kiosk. The MISM has the smallest footprint in its class which means more dollars per-square foot. The kiosk only takes up a 31inch footprint and can serve 4 customers at a time. It would take 4 traditional vending machines to do this in a much larger footprint.

Adding our self-checkout option for customers at your dispensary will increase transactional efficiency and drive more profits to your bottom line. You can see 4 times the customers without having to add more registers or payroll.

Cannabis in seconds
The Smart Dispensary platform champions itself on being the fastest way to purchase cannabis. A well-informed cannabis shopper can purchase cannabis on the MISM kiosk in as little as 30 seconds.

GreenSTOP Point of Sale Partners


GreenSTOP’s Smart Dispensary platform integrates with Blaze to increase compliance, profitability , and ease of use with your current Point of Sales system. If you have blaze and would like to learn more, please send an inquiry below so one of our sales rep’s can reach out to you.

Don’t have Blaze? still send in an inquiry to learn more about how our stand-alone solution. Which can still help you succeed in lowering overhead and increasing profitability.

Learn more about Blaze and GreenSTOP here

Treez X GreenSTOP
GreenSTOP’s Smart Dispensary platform integrates with Treez to increase compliance, profitability , and ease of use with your current Point of Sales system. If you have Treez and would like to learn more, please send an inquiry below so our sales team can reach out.

About Treez
“Treez is the leading enterprise cloud commerce platform that streamlines retail and supply chain operations within the cannabis market. Through Treez’s innovative technology and open API platform for retailers and brands, the company provides a robust breadth and depth of software and digital payments solutions, along with dedicated 24/7 customer support, required to operate a successful modern dispensary.

Solutions include point-of-sale, dispensary inventory management, omnichannel sales capabilities and multiple cashless payment options all on a mission-critical platform that ensures regulatory compliance across every supply chain transaction. The innovative technology also connects essential brands with their retailers through a centralized brand catalog with real-time market insights. The extensible open API platform provides smooth integration into a variety of best-of-breed solutions, including CRM, marketplace, cashless payments and data analytics across the partner ecosystem. Layered on top is a dedicated client success team and 24/7 customer support, giving retailers everything they need to grow their business.”

Cannabis as easy as 1,2,3

1. Scan ID

Customers will have to scan their US issued ID card on the kiosk before they can purchase cannabis. Customers must be checked in by person prior to using kiosk (when required by law).

2. Choose Product

Customers can scroll the products page to learn more about the item. Once they select an item they can see an enlarged image, view cannabis details (THC, CBD, effects) and view a description.

3. Pay/Pick Up

Once the customer selects the product, they can pay either cash or credit (where available) and pick up their products to go.

Virtual Reality Tour of Smart Dispensary

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